Depending on the body style and on the chosen lenghts and heights, you can choose from among 3 different versions.



The new Peugeot Boxer is also very easy to load and unload thanks to:

  • Usefull width of 1.87m and 1.42m between wheel arches.
  • A loading sill between 493mm and 602mm - among the lowest on the market.
  • A 96 degrees rear door-opening angle, which can be increased to 180 degrees with the folding check strap, and to a full 270 with the special option.
  • 2 sliding side doors from which one is standard.


The new Peugeot Boxer offers one of the largest MAM (Maximum Authorized Mass) on the market, for two different ranges:

  • The lightweight truck range with the 330 (3.0 metric tons) and the 335 (3.5 metric tons).
  • The heavyweight truck range with the 440 (4.0 metric tons).


The new Peugeot Boxer is available in 3 different combinations of length, height and versions, thus offering 3 interior volume capacity ranging from 8 to 17 m3 and positioning it among the best in its segment.



Optimized floor space between the wheels (1.422m) to maximize potential load capacity and ensure one of the market's best solutions.

Maximum interior width is 1.870m.