Family Cars

2008 Family cars Banner

Family cars that balance fun and functionality

Here at Peugeot, we believe that practicality doesn’t mean the end of great driving experiences. And with small people carriers, mini-MPVs, compact MPVs and family hatchback cars in our family cars range, there’s a vehicle for every family – and every driver.

As your family becomes bigger, space becomes a greater priority. You need extra boot space for day trips and extra seats for friends to tag along. That’s why our family cars are made to maximise the room available, with generous boot space and handy storage compartments.

What’s more, it’s easy to fit child safety seats in our family cars, and they all come with airbags in the front and back cabin compartments.

What really sets Peugeot’s family cars apart is the level of style and driving satisfaction. Dull and cumbersome station wagons are a thing of the past with our family cars, MPVs and people carriers. We offer large family cars that hold the road, deliver impressive performance and lower emissions.

Peugeot’s practical family car range includes the new 2008 SUV; the award-winning 308 5-door, and the stunning all-new 3008 SUV, launching January 2017. Take a look at the family cars in our range below.