Robust and practical, with a higher specification than ever before, the New Peugeot Boxer comes in a multitude of versions to suit your business.



The new Peugeot Boxer features an updated front end design that affirms a modern yet sturdy look for a more upscale style and higher quality appearance:

  • New maximum protection bumpers.
  • New bonnet design with more prominent lines.
  • New DRL or LED (option) headlamps.

On the rear, the new lights also echo the updated style.


The new Peugeot Boxer comes with various technological features to make life on-board simpler.
The new Peugeot Boxer is available with a wide range of equipment as options, turning the cabin into a real mobile office, especially with its 2-level radio range. Bluetooth® and USB input are available as option, while the second level offers a 5” touchscreen – an exclusive feature in the segment.
The touchscreen can also display the optional sat-nav and reversing camera systems.
For safer, more accurate manoeuvres, your new Peugeot Boxer is equipped with a reversing camera, with guiding lines that can be paired with the rear parking aid (overlays function). The camera sends the image from the rear of the vehicle to the radio touchscreen, helping drivers to steer accurately thanks to different coloured lines. For even more safety, the screen automatically lights up when one of the rear doors is opened and when shifting into reverse.
A writing tablet built into the folding backrest of the middle seat makes the cabin even more functional.
Consistent with legislation, vehicles with a GVWR of 4.0 tonnes and minibuses can be fitted with a speed limiter as standard, set at 90km/h (56mph) for 4-tonne vehicles and 100km/h (62mph) for minibuses.
**Gross vehicle weight rating



The new Peugeot Boxer ensures safety at all times thanks to:

- a new shock absorption design that stabilizes the vehicle even when loaded.

- an even more efficient brake system to guarantee high performance and safety at all times.

- a reinforced structure with a preset deformation zone that absorbs the impact in case of an accident.

These reinforcements also help reduce noice for added comfort inside the vehicle.